Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pizza, roh/dgusa, saying good bye

There's nothing quite like a good, hot meal to satisfy your stomach and pick up your morale. After our match in Kobe last night we spotted a Dominos Pizza! God might as well could of opened up the gates of heaven and invited us in to dine with him at a long, golden table. We ordered a large pepperoni and cheese pizza for take out and the next thing we saw was an empty pizza box, stained with grease marks with not even a single piece of crust left behind. It was our finest meal ever.

In case you haven't heard yet.. That "big news" that I was hinting at in the previous blog has been announced. The Young Bucks will be making their debut for Ring of Honor in Philadelphia, PA at The Arena on May 29th and 30th for the HDNET television tapings. We have also been added to the Virgina and New York City shows on June 12th and 13th. We are very psyched to finally work for Ring of Honor. Right now is a very exciting time for us, as we'll again be returning to The Arena in Philly for the DGUSA debut show this summer on July 25th! That show is shaping up to being something special. We are very blessed to have so many opportunities.

We will be defending the PWG belts on May 3rd and will be wrestling on our very first pay per view titled, "Dead or Alive" in Nagoya on May 5th. They are estimating at least 8,000 people to come watch Akebono and Doi go at it in the main event. My personal main event will be on the following day, May 6th, when I get to come home to MY Dana. =D

As great as my wrestling career is right now, I am saddened by news that someone I love is near the end of her long, prosperous, youthful, fun, loving life. I am some 5,000 miles away and a full day ahead of all of my loved ones. I feel hopeless and depressed that I cannot be there physically but am there in spirit. EVERYONE is on my mind and in my prayers. She was there for the birth of my wife, and now my wife is there for her passing. This has to be truly a moving experience - something that I can't even grasp, as I don't feel I've ever lost someone I was close to. My wife sent me the lyrics to a song which I later youtubed to hear for my self. She said, one night after she was done visting, this song came on and blew her away.
Disciple - "Things Left Unsaid"

It's just a matter of
time a few days ago
I saw you, you were fine
Remembering what you said
About the book you read
The one I got you
The Beginning of the End
Oh how we'd talk
For hours upon end
What I would give
Just to do it again
But you're lying there
In this hospital bed
Won't you open you eyes
And let's talk once again

If you fly away tonight
I want to tell you
that I love you
I hope that you can hear me
I hope that you can feel me
If you fly away tonight
I want to tell you
that I'm sorry
That I never told you
When we were face to face

Well I've been here all night
And I'm watching you
Breathe in and breathe out
Is it really you
Or just a machine
That's giving you life
And making it seem
That there could be hope
I could say to your face
If it were not for you
That there would be no grace
That has covered my life
You took the time
To speak into my mind
And my heart
Words of life
John 11:25-26

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?"

Grandma Dana believes.

We love you.


  1. Matt, you had me and Dad crying our eyes out. So passionately written.

  2. You are the most amazing writer I've ever known. You always find the most kind & comforting words at the right moments. I love you and CANNOT wait for you to be home!! <33