Friday, April 17, 2009

b-fast, kobe, warriors-5, dana.

I just had an unbelievable breakfast. Now, this combination of food might sound a bit weird to those back home, however it is completely acceptable considering our situation. So, what is this hearty meal that I've learned to enjoy in replacement of a more traditional breakfast? AMPM pasta, apple yogurt and a bottled caffe latte. Ahhh, what a delight.

Nick and I are going on 4 hours of sleep, as we had over 8 hrs of travel yesterday so we are a bit groggy. Speaking of Nick, he is busy watching "Botchamania" on youtube, so every time I finish punching in a key, I hear a loud chuckle. Unfortunately for him, I forced him to sleep on the top bunk because of my knee injury that I suffered a month back at the NWA Showcase tapings. We are currently staying in Kobe at a building that is dubbed the "Sanctuary." Why is it called this? I have no clue. It is a 4 story building where an upstairs padded room is located at the very top, one of the Dragon Gate offices are located on the second floor, the third floor is the apartment/living space (where we stay) and the first floor is the NEX arena. The NEX arena is a very tiny room with a 14 x 14 ring where Dragon Gate holds student showcase events.

A few nights ago we had the honor of teaming up with Gamma and Cima in an 8 man tag against their rivals "Real Hazard." Last tour, we were aligned with Doi and Yoshino and learned soooo much in terms of spots and false finishes. This time, I can tell, we are going to learn more about ring psychology. Gamma and Cima are two of the best. Cima knows how to tell a story with simple body language and facial expressions while Gamma has almost perfect timing in terms of crowd interaction.

I just got to Skype with my beautiful wife, Dana. In this business, people talk about how difficult it is to have an understanding wife that is willing to put up with this particular life style. People also talk about how being away from your loved ones is the most difficult part of being a wrestler. Boy, were they right - about both things. I couldn't of asked for a more supportive partner in life, than my unbelievable wife. I had a little problem with my laptop yesterday and began throwing a temper tantrum - totally acting like a diva. Dana calmed me down in a matter of seconds. She is the one with A LOT more on her plate right now back at home, but here I am acting like an immature child. I really am puzzled how some workers can leave town without having a supporting cast back at home.

In other news, my youngest brother Malachi got his license which is a very big deal. He's growing up so fast! The Cutlers had their breakout performance at PWG last Sunday against us. Nick and I are so very proud of them. They have the potential of being something big. My niece Rebecca just celebrated her 2nd birthday the other day! Happy b-day Beck!

Anyhow, I've got an 11 am call time, so I've gotta get my bags packed. Talk to you soon!


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