Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Twitter Questions Answered!

DamienPezzuti - You got any wrestling schools you'd recommend for an aspiring pro wrestler?

Unfortunately I don’t know much about many current wrestling schools. I do know of a school in Anaheim, CA where my good friend Joey Ryan is the head trainer along with Johnny Goodtime. Apparently they’re bringing in a lot of new wrestlers down here in SoCal.

Here’s the info,, or

Chris_CKJ - who is ur fav wrestler and why?

My favorite wrestler is Shawn Michaels. It’s not exactly an original answer but it’s the absolute truth. Why? Because he is the full package. He earns the most sympathy, his moves means the most, and he talks people into literally and figuratively buying into what he’s selling. He re-invents himself every night and has proved for years now that nobody will ever be at his level.

FlashJan - Who are you looking forward to face in TNA (or anywhere else)?

In TNA, I am personally really anxious to work with Motor City Machine Guns in a long program. We’ve wrestled in multi-mans and regular tag team matches already, but I am looking forward to a meaningful feud with them. We’ve been put in dream matches for two years now but we haven’t had a chance to have a great program. Also, I’d love to work with Beer Money Inc. Those guys are SO over. You should hear the crowd for them at the house shows. Unbelievable.

TheKevinHBrand - who is your dream opponent(s)?

I’d have to say Matt and Jeff Hardy. They’ve obviously been huge influences in our careers, so it’d def be a “dream” to wrestle them in a straight up tag team match. There has also been so much comparison between us two teams, so I think it would make an interesting match.

PWPunk23 - of every current wrestler, who do you want to wrestle the most?

For obvious reasons, Shawn Michaels. I would treat it more like a learning session and just try to absorb as much information as possible. I pretend I’m Shawn sometimes when I’m selling. HA! Watch Young Bucks vs. Briscoes from last Monday on HDNet, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

TuukkaTime40 - Will you guys ever wrestle for ROH again while under contract with TNA?

Yes, there are plans to have us back. We’d love to go hang with Cary again!

man5devil6god7 - Who have you never wrestled that you would like to? Not anyone in TNA!

I REALLY want to team with Nick and wrestle Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega. There was talks about this match happening a few times now but it keeps falling through. Hopefully someone pulls the trigger on this as I think it could be something special. Nick and I were practicing the “Golden Shower” like 3 years ago but never performed it in a match! They did it first!

edk86 - if you could have had the career of any other wrestler who would you choose?

Rob Van Dam. He did it ALL and got out. I know, I know, he’s still wrestling part time. But, he doesn’t have to. The man created a wave and such hype for himself pretty much all on his own and made it to the big times where he continued to stay true to himself. Rob stuck by his beautiful wife and has a reputation for being one of the few in the entertainment business who has been loyal to her from day one. I want to be like him.

The_MOW - What is your ultimate dream match to participate in, and to see as a fan (legends in their prime from any era)?

Since I answered part one earlier, I’ll jump to the second part of your question. As a fan, I would of loved to see the Rockers (best tag team in history in my opinion) vs. The Hardy Boys. To my understanding, whenever your name was on the board opposite the Rockers, you basically had the night off - that’s how easy they were to work with. And in the process they’d make you look like a million bucks. The Hardy’s were much like the Rockers of their generation. They bumped better than anyone and put on the most exciting matches of the early 2000’s, not to mention they re-revolutionized tag team wrestling.

GunnarWuher - First thing you thought stepping into the Impact zone to face MGM?

(Answering this question in regards to our try-out match with the Guns) I remember walking down the ramp thinking, “Don’t mess this up.” HAHA. It’s the truth. As a wrestler, it’s very tough to step back and enjoy the moment. You’re in such a high stakes situation where succeeding is so very important so you don’t have a second to soak in the moment. However, after the match when we were offered deals on the spot, I felt so fulfilled as a human being. It happened just like I’d always imagined it would. I called my wife and we both shared tears of joy. It’s a special moment that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.