Saturday, December 23, 2006

the last 365 days...

What a wild ride the year 2006 has been. If some body would have told me all that would happen this year, last year I would of never believed them. Here is a little description of what exactly has went down in the last 365 days...

A fed called High Risk Wrestling (that is ran by "youngsters" who do not know the business and are destined to fail), has thrived. October marked the second year anniversary. HRW brings out Christopher Daniels and has its most successful show in its existence entitled Highway 2 Hell in July. An HRW charity event entitled "Free 4 All" draws over 450 fans in June. HRW announces that it has joined forces with the legendary National Wrestling Alliance in November.

I have had the honor to visit such wonderful places this year: I went and wrestled for Cyberfights in Vancouver, BC twice this year. I've been to Arizona several times to wrestle for Rising Phoenix Wrestling and a few other times for vacation. I've been to Las Vegas several times also. (One time the guys and I drove out there for a show.. which got canceled!) I lost count how many times I went up to northern and central California to compete for companies such as SPW, APW and Wrestling Ministries. Nick and I had a wild trip all the way to Mexico and back on the same night. We wrestled for a AAA indy. Not to mention the hundreds of times myself and the guys did the trip to Los Angeles virtually every weekend for the past year!

My most memorable trip of the year was def when Dana and I got to visit New York City for my 21st b-day. We stayed right in Times Square which was just surreal. Being in the city is unreal.. like your watching a movie. I can't compare anything to walking through Rockerfeller Center at night, seeing the statue of libery and looking down at the city and counting "yellow cockroaches" (the cities term for taxi cabs) from your hotel window. It was a truly unforgettable trip that I will never forget.

Nick and I are collectively known as the "Young Bucks." I think 2006 has been HUGE for us as we are finally finding our niche. We have tagged up so many times that I couldn't even imagine ever doing this alone again. We had the honor of wrestling in front of 3,000 ppl at the Anahiem Convention Center this year and even made our debut on television! We can be seen every Wednesday night on Mav tv or @ I would like to think that we have def proven our selves to fans, other wrestlers and promoters this past year which is an unbelievable feeling. We feel that we are that much closer to the prize... We had a scary moment earlier this year when Nick accidentally suffered a concussion at a WAR show in southern cal. Thank God it was not worse. (Thanks to Dana for saving the day that fateful afternoon!)

My family has been great and supportive throughout this year. My dad has grown closer to his music. Him and I have worked together all year long and its because of him that I haved saved so much money! Mal has developed a love for basketball. Him and I love to chain wrestle in public. lol. Nick is my tag-team-partner/spot in the gym/and traveling body. We have grown a lot closer this year. Mom is the organizer of my life and holds the pieces together. Dj, Paul, Makayla (and alex) have made it fun to have family again. Makayla puts a smile on my face no matter what kind of day I have had. Dana and I have had rough times but ultimately we know we're better off together. Our love is real.

Thanks also goes out to my great friends: Bj, Dustin, Brandon, Darrino, Deshawn, Steve, James, and anyone who is involved with HRW. Also to all of the great wrestlers scattered around southern California. This area is honestly covered with the most talented ppl I have ever met.

I feel accomplished that I have been able to do so much in only a year, especially considering all of the circumstances: Hitting the gym five days a week, driving 45 minutes three days a week after work to visit Dana, flyering in the blistering heat and in frost-biting cold four days a week and finally...finding time to watch Seinfeld! I can only thank three things.. Sugar free Redbulls, protein bars and GOD!

I mean and no-way to boast or brag about anything in this blog. I am simply writing out my accomplishments for this past year for a few reasons.. I do not want any of this to be forgotten...and I am simply proud. Thanks to everyone for the support throughout the year 2006. Here is to another great 365 days!

God bless,

Matt a.k.a Mr. Instant Replay a.k.a The Mac Daddy of Sports Entertainment a.k.a Matt Jackson (Yes, that's what they're calling me on tv!!!)