Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Year End Review

It is almost unreal to think that it has ONLY been 365 days. So much has happened in the year 2005. I am almost over-whelmed to even begin to think about it all. I have grown so much this past year both physically and mentally. I have learned so many valuable lessons and so much about creating/running a business. I have met and become friends with people I used to idolize on television. I have lost loved ones. I have gained loved ones. What a wild year. Here is a little summary..

My ex- fiance and myself broke up and I quickly fell into a deep depression. Things are finally good as we have worked out a friendship through it all.

I lost one of my childhood best friends from a car accident which killed him instantly. R.I.P Chris Brulotte. I still think about you all of the time. God bless you.

Nick and myself were put together as a tag team called the "Young Bucks." (Little did we know the success we would later have in this year as this team.) We learned that we would be wrestling this night and many nights to come for a major Southern California league known as Full Contact Wrestling. This particular wrestling company would sell out the famous arena in LA the Olympic Auditorium! Later we would also get to work in the famous old Laker stadium the Great Western Forum. Because of FCW we met HUGE names in the wrestling industry and we received a shot at showing our talent to thousands of people. For that, Nick and I are blessed.

The company I own, High Risk Wrestling has completely taken off. We have gained so much popularity in this territory, it's almost surreal. We ran over 24 shows this year! That is a milestone for an independent wrestling company. We have earned a constant fan base and have created a name for our selves as an independent company to be taken seriously in California. Thank you to my family and my close friends for helping make this possible!

Myself and a few of the others have gotten the honor to travel throughout every major city in Southern California. We have also wrestled in Sacramento, Arizona, and Utah. We have wrestled for so many different companies, I could not even attempt to list them all. I feel that we have all left a mark on every card we have been on.

In this year I have packed on 15 pounds of solid muscle from HOURS, and HOURS of work in the gym, dieting and constant supplementation. That is something I am EXTREMELY proud of.

I earned my certification as a Personal Trainer this year.

I met and became friends with more people this year then any other time in my life. I cherish my friendship with all of you.

My aunt Glory slipped, broke her leg and nearly died at a hospital after later catching pnenomia. Miracously through prayer she over came the obstacles and is now 100 percent and is living at home.

My sister Donajoi got married, moved out and gave birth to my new niece Makayla in a span of about 4 weeks!

Nick and I would both win the HRW Championship title once a piece and later win the NTW Tag Team Belts!

I am currently winning on the Southern California Rookie of The Year poll that is featured on!

Nick and I, the "Young Bucks" are currently runner-up for Southern California Tag Team of The Year which is featured on the same site as above.

HAHA.. I told you a lot has happened.. There are def several things I failed to list, but that is okay. It would be impossible to list them all. All I know is 2005 has been the most wild year of my life... I am not the happiest I have ever been in my life at this point because of my constant battle with being lonely.. But I cannot complain. I have my health, a great-loving family, a tight knit group of friends, a dominating professional wrestling group and a BRIGHT future ahead.

I can already tell you that 2006 is going to be a HUGE year for me. I have soooo much already planned and in store.