Monday, April 20, 2009

the tour, precious moments, sight seeing

Nick and I have been going non stop as we completed our 5th show of the tour last night in Kyota. We wrestled a hard hitting, intense match against Yoshino and BxB Hulk that was probably the best of the five matches we've had thus far. Yoshino can be intimidating to be in the ring with at times because of his quickness, but our styles mesh so well with him. And Hulk has such an impressive offensive arsenal, it would be difficult to have a bad match against him.

We tried to catch up on sleep as we've only been averaging 4-5 hours a night because of the crazy schedule that Dragon Gate has. We've said it once, and we'll say it again, we don't know how these guys condition them selves to have such a demanding life style. We get the honor of stepping into their shoes and kind of living their lives for only a few weeks and the burn out comes quick, trust me.

Today, we just tried to relax, eat some good food and be tourist. People talk about taking time to acknowledge those precious times in life. "Enjoy the little moments," is something your often told by people that are older and wiser than you. That is exactly what I found my self doing for at least a few minutes today. On top of the roof, I lyed down with my shirt off, and head phones in my ears listening to the new Blue October album "Approaching Normal." I was trying to absorb as much sun-light as possible considering the fact that my wife just told me that it is in the 90's back at home. As I lay there, listening to both the sounds of my favorite band in the world mixed with the sounds of a noisy train and busy streets in Kobe, I stopped and thought of just how good I had it. "I'm young, healthy, have a great family, married to the girl I love and currently wrestling in Japan, and getting paid for it," I thought to my self. With my eyes tightly shut because of the bright sun beating down at me, I felt my face tighten. I was smiling from ear to ear. Every wrestler in the world dreams about wrestling where my younger brother and I are at right now. We're so blessed to have this opportunity.

Later in the day we did a bunch of walking/sight seeing. We ate at one of our favorite fast food joints that Pac introduced us to which is called "Lotteria." We scarfed down 7 burgers between the two of us in a hurry and soon found our selves walking through Harbor Land which is an area in Kobe where the capital stands along with a mall, movie theatre and amusement park. It's like THE place to be if your in Kobe.

Anyhow, Nick keeps pacing back and forth because he's hungry and antsy. I sure know how to drive him nuts sometimes. I'm waiting on a load of laundry that I just threw into the washing machine. Fingers crossed that I pressed the right bottons! Off to AMPM we go for some Pizza-Pasta.

'till next time...


p.s Two hours until I get to call and wake up my wife! Yay!

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