Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mickie D's, K-Hall, my wife and cat, DGUSA!


I just got done chowing down on my McDonalds breakfast which included 2 sausage muffins, 1 hot apple pie and a cup of coffee which I just had to refill downstairs in the lobby because the size of this thing is so ridiculously small. We've been here three days and we've already tallied up three trips to the golden arches! Along with breakfast, I am Skyping with my wife who just got off work. She just put my cat Zeek on the webcam which makes me miss home! =/Every time I shower back at home, the little guy WILL NOT leave me alone. He attempts to get into the tub multiple times because of this weird fascination he has with water. He claws the curtain and walks alongside the tub every time I am in there, so it was kind of sad last night when I was showering here at the room and opened the curtain looking for my favorite pet but shortly realized after that I was in a different country then my aqua-kitty!

Anyhow, last night was the first match of a 14 show tour. We arrived at the Korakuen Hall around 3:00 pm, set up the ring and got ready for the show. Words can not describe how it feels to be in this building. This is a wrestling building that has such a rich history. The history is literally written on the wall. Every time Nick and I work the Korakuen Hall (and I believe this was our 5th time) we take a few minutes to read all of the signatures of wrestlers that have wrestled in this building that signed the wall. Alongside some of the greats lies a big bold black signature that reads, "THE YOUNG BUCKS - MATT JACKSON NICK JACKSON 5/14/08." That was the very first time we wrestled not only at the Korakuen Hall, but in Japan. It seems sooo long ago, but it was only 11 months ago! We just feel like we've learned so much since then, and are virtually completely different wrestlers both in and out of the ring. Wrestling in Japan is simply the best teaching lesson that you can have as a professional wrestler. Now back to the show.. .We start the show with the new group Warriors-5 coming down to ringside stating that they have two new members of their unit. It turns out to be two guys known as The Young Bucks! We were well received and are now apart of the biggest group in Dragon Gate which is headed by Cima. Later on in the night, Gamma and Cima accompained us ringside in long haired wigs! It was a sight to see, watching two of Japans best, smiling from ear to ear and clapping to the beat of MMMBOP. I'll never forget it. We had a really good match against Doi and McKz in front of at least 2,500 people.

Tonight, we will be wrestling in our very first main event at a Dragon Gate show as we team with Cima and Gamma. To say that we are psyched would be an understatement. Also, word has finally came out about Dragon Gate USA. Dragon Gate is fastly becoming a world wide phenomenon and we're just happy to be on board! Look for details very soon!

Until next time!



  1. I love reading your blogs. You are so creative and your writing makes me feel as if I am there. Love ya!

  2. funny you say that about your cat, mine loves taking showers with me

  3. K-Hall is indeed awesome... my signature is there somewhere although I'm just a meer fan.