Sunday, April 26, 2009

bad internet, museums, dream matches, small updates.

Not really sure when exactly this blog will end up being posted as Nick and I were cursed with a hotel that has terrible internet connection. We'll be staying here for the next couple of days which is pretty lame considering the fact that Skyping with Dana is my highlight. It literally took me 45 minutes to leave a comment on a myspace page which shows either my dedication to Toms famous social networking website or stupidiy on my behalf for spending 45 minutes on leaving a comment.

Yesterday, after we completed setting up the carnival, Shingo (as he promised) along with Tazawa decided to take us to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, along with the very area the actual bomb was dropped. An original brick building with a dome looking top still stands as a landmark, so people can see what Hiroshima truly looked like after the bomb. The brick and ceramics on the building are burnt to a crisp, broken rock and brick are propped around the building and the squares that used to hold windows are completely empty. You examine this one building the way that it is and then visualize the rest of the city when it was in ruins, and it just blows you away. Shingo and Tazawa demonstrated a prayer that Japanese people do at this famous site. The prayer is suppossed to keep peace and prevent war. I went along with my two friends. I bowed my head, clapped my hands together two times, put my hands together against my heart and said a quick prayer. It was something that I'll never forget. The actual museum was unreal. It contained pictures of Hiroshima before and after the bomb. There were items on display such as junior highschool kids burnt clothing, destroyed yen, and old glass soda bottles that were completely melted. Playing on video screens were testimonials from some of the survivors. It was just a really interesting place that Nick and I really enjoyed visiting. They said that Hiroshima would not be able to grow a single plant for at least 40 years from the damage and radiation, but the city proved the skeptics wrong and is now completely restored again.

We walked back to the venue which was literally across the street from ground zero and realized that if we were wrestling back in 1947 on the very day that the worlds first atomic bomb dropped, we'd SO be dead. We wrestled in a personal dream match of mine that night which consisted of The Young Bucks and Cima vs Doi, Yoshino and BxB Hulk. We had a simple match, but fun nonetheless. I believe that NO ONE can compare to Doi and Yoshino as a team... They're the best duel in the world. Speaking of dream matches, I felt like I was having another one today as I entered the ring tired and groggy. Sleeping for only 3 hours the night before made it seem like a complete dream. The 1,500 fans packed on the second floor of the Star Lanes bowling alley helped wake me up fast, like a shot in the arm of pure adrenaline. Nick and I were wrestling Doi and Tanisaki in the opening match of a big tv taping. Genki warned us earlier that, "theez crowd is cray-ze!" Boy, he wasn't kidding. We rocked the house and had our best match of the tour. I'm still actually kind of on a high, which explains my blogging and NOT sleeping.

My knee is pretty banged up from everything, and I had to walk with a limp for the first time in a couple of weeks as we crossed the street to AMPM to grab our favorite dinner before the Dragon Gate tour bus headed back to the hotel. Somehow, I'm going to find a little time to just heal. I don't know when. But, sometime.

We've sold out of shirts completely and are on our way to do the same thing with our photos. We're more than half way through this tour now, and I'm extremely anxious to get home to my wife. She is going through heck right now, and unfortunately I am in another country. I'm so proud of her for being so strong. She really is the toughest person that I know... and she wouldn't give her self the credit if you told her so.

Someone asked if Nick and I will be putting up another YBTV episode from this tour and unfortunately the answer is no. We don't have any plans for the show right now because of our hectic lives... But maybe someday it will make a return! Tomorrow is an off day and then we'll be back at it for the next several days. Also, were excited for the big PWG DDT4 tournament coming up late in May. Furthermore, look for updates as we defend the PWG titles in the coming week here in Japan. Sorry for the blog being extra long this time.... I had a lot to say!


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  1. I love you so much. It's awesome that you got to see Ground Zero there, I bet it gave you chills. I can't believe you guys sold out of shirts! I'm proud of ya =] Next time, we'll have to send you guys with more! Can't wait to talk to you later sweetie. xoxox <3