Friday, June 5, 2009

ROH, e-z wkend, twitter!

One week ago today we caught a 6:45 am flight out of LAX to Philadelphia for the Ring of Honor on HDNet television tapings at "The Arena." We'd been to the old ECW arena once before for the Chikara King of Trios three night event back in late March, so we were familiar with the building, and atmosphere. Nick says that the fans who come to the arena are "easy." An "easy crowd" is a crowd that is usually hot and pops easy - every wrestlers dream. It was kind of surreal and fun stretching out in the ring before the show and staring out at all of the empty chairs and ROH banners. We'd talked about wrestling for ROH one day as it's always been a goal of ours. This was just another reminder to us to keep on pursuing our dream - good things happen to those who are hungry and dedicated. And I'll tell you what, we're still starving. We had two easy and fun television matches over the weekend and called it a good experience overall. We were very prepared for these types of matches because we now have over three years of experience working in front of the camera, mostly for the NWA. The guys were all very humble and embracing. Adam has a wonderful locker room out there.

A week from today we will board another plane headed toward Virginia for another ROH show. Nick and I are thrilled to be working with El Generico and Kevin Steen for the first time in a staright up tag team match. This could easily end up as a personal favorite. The following day, we will travel to New York City to work a building with a ton of wrestling history, the Hammerstein Ballroom. We will be wrestling Rhett Titus and Kenny King. This should also be a very fun match as I've seen some of their stuff and was very impressed. Nick's extremely psyched to see NYC as he's never been there except for the time we passed through on the way to a show in New Jersey a while back. I went there with my wife (girlfriend at the time) for my 21st birthday and have been dying to go back. It's such a fast paced city where you'd better walk fast or you'll be trampled over by a bunch of business suit wearing men and women who are on their way to a meeting. How do I know about the meeting? Because they're talking about it aloud on their cell phones as they step passed you because your moving to slow.

This weekend is looking to be very relaxing and easy going. Dana and I don't have a whole lot planned and I've only got one small local indy show to do on Sunday. Sounds good to me, as Nick and I have been going a million miles a minute. We deserve a break.

One thing that I got started on this past week is Twitter. I was one of those "I'll never get a Twitter because it's a status updating waste of time" type of guys. But now my wife has me addicted! It's like a little window into everybodies lives. I sometimes sit and wonder, "I wonder what so and so is doing?" Now I know! It's seriously like mass texting messaging on a public forum. What is cooler then that? Besides, I godda keep with the times. I don't want to become one of those adults who teenagers chuckle at. I want to be hip! I understand that one day we will have to be called simply "The Bucks." But for now I want to embrace the first word in our tag teams name! Sooo, if you haven't already, follow me on Twitter! My name is mattjackson13.

Please enjoy your weekend everybody. Hopefully this weather gets better. C'mon man, it's suppose to be summer time here in Cali. What's the deal? I envy Dustin Cutler who is in Laughlin right now with his girlfriend Mary Beth. He text messaged me just to inform me that it's a "perfect lookin' 95 degree day." Jerk.

God bless you. Talk to you soon.

-Matt Buck

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