Friday, June 26, 2009

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Where has my motivation for blogging gone? I dunno. I have just been extremely busy living life and not wanting to do anything but sit down when I have those rare opportunities of having free time. In fact, I am so unmotivated, I am tempted to Ctrl + A + Delete these four sentences and walk away. Let's see if I can get a little fire lit under my butt.

Much has happened since my last entry, yet I cannot recall a single event at the moment other than the obvious. Well, you will take the obvious, right? We did a double shot weekend in Manassas, Virginia and in New York City for Ring of Honor a couple of weekends ago. This was a MUCH better experience for us than the last time we worked for ROH. We had an extremely good match against El Generico and Kevin Steen in Manassas that many are saying was the best match of the show. Being a part of a match that many are considering the best match of the night is a huge compliment to us because there are so many talented wrestlers on the ROH roster. The fans in Virginia were super friendly and respectful. It's always fun wrestling somewhere for the first time, not to mention wrestling two of the best wrestlers on the planet, in my humble opinion.

The next night was very special to us. As soon as we got out of the van and saw the big buildings surrounding us and the busy streets full of business suit wearing individuals, you could feel a buzz. New York City has an energy that is simply contagious. Tired from the limited amount of sleep and long 6 hours of travel from Manassas, Nick and I were soon full of life again. We dropped our bags off and Cary (ROH owner) walked us to the corner of the street that the Hammerstein Ballroom is located. As we got closer, I recognized the building and smiled, watching my brother Nicks eyes light up. Enthusiastically, Cary says to us, "The very building that the Stones have played in!" Gets a little louder. "The Beatles have played here!" Gets even louder. "Elvis was here!' Pauses for a second and looks at both of us. "Boys, this is Madison Square Garden!" We both popped. I love this guy. We thanked him for showing us around and excused our selves. We wanted to take a closer look. We got to the front of the building and I began visualizing how I'd one day wrestle in this very building. After marking out and taking plenty of photos, we did a little bit of exploring and soon headed back to the Hammerstein Ballroom which is a sight to see in it self. It's MASSIVE with balconies surrounding it and has such a unique architectural design. They sure don't make things like they used to. Being in the building had a certain electricity. "This just feels big time,' I thought to myself, as my head turned from left to right, examining the very place I would soon be wrestling in. A few hours later, we made our entrance through the curtain and I took a second to acknowledge what was happening. We stood at the top of the ramp and I put my fingers together and shielded the light from my eyes, looking out at the people. "Another milestone. Our first time workin' the Big Apple!' I thought to myself. We ran into the ring which felt more like a sauna from the hot lights and body heat from the fans.

Then, we wrestled Kenny King and Rhett Titus in what I think was a perfect opening match. I won't go into too much detail because I hate reading play by play - and I am sure you do too. The crowd was great and responsive for everything. Later on the phone with my wife I said, "Baby, I think I found my new favorite place to wrestle!"All in all, we had a terrific weekend and are looking forward to coming back to Ring of Honor. It's been nothing but a fun experience for us thus far.

After those two shows on the road, we came back home in worked some local indies. It's been pretty laid back the last couple of weekends in terms of wrestling shows. I actually have to be in Covina in an hour for an Empire Wrestling Federation show. Nick and I will be wrestling the Cutler Brothers which is basically a night off. SO FUN AND EASY!

Yesterday was a sad day. As you all know, Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett passed on the same day. I remember watching Farah on the Jimmy Kimmel show a few years back and she looked so good. But, Michael Jacksons death just came out of no where. The first thing I think of when I hear the name Michael Jackson is the old Disneyland 3-D ride. I loved that thing and came close to shedding a tear when I heard they turned it into "Honey, I Shrunk The Audience!" How lame is that? My heart goes out to all of the surviving members of both families.

Bad timing for a certain someone to have to celebrate his first birthday. Mine and Danas cat Zeek had his very first b-day yesterday. Hey, at least his birthday won't be easy to forget! Dana shot a couple of cute photos with the birthday boy - full party hat and all!

I'm currently doing a low-carb, low-sugar, low-everything that tastes good in this world diet. It's KILLING me. On top of torturing myself with healthy food, I am also doing so in the gym. Now, I've never done cardio in my life, so 20-30 minutes on an elliptical machine is simply unheard of. Why am I doing this? I want to look good on pay per view. for more details. (Cheaper than the cheapest plug, ever.)

Sunday, Dana and I will be beginning day one of a week long vacation. We are headed to Las Vegas and then flying out to Montana to visit family and kid-sit. Vegas is obviously further than LAX, but the deals at that airport for this particular flight are unreal. This is a much deserved trip for the both of us, as we've been going a million miles a minute - Dana especially. She has practically ran the office for her parents business for the last 3 months. She really needs the time off.

If you haven't done so already, please follow me on the most addictive social network site created, Twitter. My name is MattJackson13.

Also, I will be posting an hour long interview here that Nick and I did for Dropkick Radio last night in the coming days. We had a ton of fun (maybe too much) and I'm hoping it comes off well. It's a shoot style interview, so if you are into that, you just might enjoy it. We covered our training, debut, HRW years, PWG, NWA, ROH, Dragon Gate you name it.

Well, that's it! It wasn't that bad right? Hopefully I will be a little more inspired to write again now that I got the creative juices flowing. Everybody, have a fantastic weekend. I'll see you when I see you.

God bless,

Matt Buck

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