Monday, May 25, 2009

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I was about to begin writing this blog without coffee but then realized that it is absolutely essential and critical for the whole blogging process. For some reason, whenever I think about writing/typing, I vision myself on a keyboard with a steaming cup of coffee sitting nearby. We're out of Splenda, so I guess regular sugar will have to do.

It's Monday morning/almost afternoon, and the wife is still in bed. I just got done watching about 2 hrs of "Locked-up RAW" on MSNBC which was interesting to say the least. Dana and I are both thrilled to have the day off due to it being Memorial Day. Of course on the long weekend that we were blessed with, weather in Rancho Cucamonga is terrible. Well, okay, terrible might be overdoing it. However, it's a cool 61 degrees which is not exactly 'hanging out by the pool on our day off' type of weather.

Ahh, much better. I just poured myself a cup of my personal liquid cocaine and snatched my second chocolate chip cookie of the morning that Dana surprised me with last night. I love being married. Anyhow, its was quite a busy weekend. Friday night was the PWG DDT4 show, Saturday was Ellen's (Nicks girlfriend) college graduation party and yesterday was a turnaround trip to Vegas. Needless to say that I don't think I will be doing ANYTHING today, besides playing with my trash digging, bathtub diving cat Zeek and chilling with my better half.

Friday was tough. Because of card changes, the show was reshuffled so many times. We literally didn't know who we were working until we got to the venue. Nothing was really concrete. We had our first match against our great friends the Cutler Brothers who are proving themselves to everybody in SoCal that they are truly the next big team in the works. Because of a certain issue that I won't go into, we didn't get to really DO what we know that we can DO. Nevertheless, we were very proud of that match and feel like it was our best title defense of the three that we've had against Dustin and Brandon.

After the match, Nick and I had the honor of introducing our youngest brother Mal to his debut match at PWG. I was so proud to watch him come down that aisle. It's always been a dream to wrestle for a company that booked myself, my best friends and my two brothers -the whole clique! For those who don't know, Malachi was ran down by a car when he was younger while crossing the street on a bicycle. The car dragged Mal several feet and shattered his leg. His right tibia bone had a terrible compound fracture. He was bed ridden for a very long time and had to wear a giant external fixator to realign the bones in his leg. After months and months of infections, it looked like he would never be the same or even possibly lose his leg if the infection got any worse. We prayed hard and the infections eventually went away. Mal learned how to walk again after months of recovery in a wheel chair and on a walker. Nobody expected Mal to ever be the same. But now, at the age of only 18 years old, he's stunning crowds all around southern California and finally got to make his debut for the biggest company on the west coast. We are so proud of him. The scars on his leg impress me far more than the gig marks on the older wrestlers foreheads. He is a survivor and a miracle kid. Expect big things from our baby brother.

Our second match was against Chuck Taylor and Kenny Omega. These were two guys that we've been wanting to wrestle for a very long time. We knew that we would work well with Kenny because he comes from a similar background as us, and Chucky is very athletic, so we knew we could tear the house down for sure with these two. We'd love a re-match anytime. Our last match was against Bryan Danielson and Roderick Strong. It was actually more like a fight, than a match. The fans seemed to love the violence and drama while my wife couldn't disagree any more as she sat in the crowd in absolute horror. =( We ended up winning the whole tournament which didn't seem to please the crowd on this particular night, but hey, you can't win em' all. Actually, in this case, you can! Because, we did win them all!

The next day, we spent at Ellen's parents place, celebrating her big grad day. Along with Dana, we met my parents, Nick and Ellen's friends and family and had a good time. Nick and I recounted the glory from the previous nights event and ate pizza while everyone tried to stay warm on what was a very chilly day.

Yesterday morning after a lovely McDonalds breakfast with the wife, I met the guys up in Victorville as we had a show to catch in Las Vegas. Hours later, we found our selves at an indoor swap meet. It felt like 5 years ago, and we were all back in Anaheim wrestling for WPW! It was a debut event for a new company called Future Stars of Wrestling. Although the building was scorching hot, we had a great time. Malachi wrestled Kenny King and Mike Modest while the Young Bucks/Cutler Brother Tour 2009 continued. Brandon had to be extra careful as he was cut at the eyebrow 2 nights prior at PWG. Nick did a moonsault dive to the outside and connected a hard right fist which busted Brandon open hard-way. Brandon was cut deep and needed 8 stitches to close the wound. We did a good job of not re-opening that cut. After a quick stop for dinner at Buffalo Bills at the state-line of California and Nevada, we were on our way home. I saw my wife at about 12:00 am at the door of our apartment who met me with a kiss. We hadn't been away from each other for very long but already missed each other dearly. My mom said it best in a text message after I told her that Dana and I already missed each other shortly after I walked out the door earlier that day, "How sweet. Nothing greater in life than the love of your life." It's so true.

I've got four days of regular living, and then Friday Nick and I will be headed back onto an airplane headed to Philadelphia for our debut at Ring of Honor.

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. You can check out the Youtube trailer of the Vegas show here:

    Pass it on to your brothers!

    Oddly enough I am a ALHS grad also haha

    cya on July 12 in Vegas for the next show?