Thursday, January 1, 2009


The year 2008 may not have been the greatest year for the rest of the world, but it sure has been good to me. For as long as I live, the year 2008 will never be forgotten. Why do I say this? HA! Like you don't already know! It's not like I haven't plastered bulletins and pictures all year long on myspace, bragging about all of the great things that has happened in the last 365 days, right? So... just in case I haven't gotten you to hate me yet from my year long self promotion, here is a list of my accomplishments that occured in the year 2008. Hey, it has kind of become a tradition and it's good for memory sakes! Oh and before I forget... I am sorry if you lost your job, your house was foreclosed, your credit card limit went down, the stock market failed you or if you were like Oprah and put on 50 extra pounds! Ouch! This is my year in review for a year so special, it couldn't be forgotten by me even if I end up with Alzhiemer's Disease in my 70's!
First and foremost: I got married! I sit here on the beautiful hardwood floor inside our cozy mansion, watching Dana bunched up near the fire place with a sheep skin blanket wrapped around her body. I sip from the warm, steamy mug that rests in my left hand, reflecting on all of the financial success that I have had all year long as I type this.... Ok, ok ok.. There isn't really a mansion... or a sheep skin blanket.. or financial success.. But, we do have a hardwood floor! Well, its laminated hardwood. I may not have all of those things (yet) but I did marry the love of my life, Dana! We have our own little one bedroom, one bath palace that we are so proud of. I never thought I could love someone, the way I love Dana. It feels so good to now have the ability to call her my wife! On November 1st, 2008 we had a perfect wedding (yes, they are possible!) and then had an amazing eight day honeymoon in the most beautiful place I've ever been to. We had a near flawless honeymoon in Maui until the "snorkling trip from hell" which occured on our final day of the trip. Lets just say that my new wife was feeding the fish the whole way back to shore and we both nearly drowned as we attempted to snorkle in "Perfect Storm" type weather. Nevertheless, the entire experience of the proposal/planning/wedding day/honeymoon has been something that I will never forget. I love you Dana! (Dana is currently trying to peak over my shoulder and get a spoiler of this which I am not too happy about.) =P
Nick and I have really gelled as a team this year. I really feel like we have found our niche and are only going to get better. We currently hold the tag team titles for the second biggest independent wrestling company in America known as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and have had some amazing matches that many have ranked as the best of the year in professional wrestling. No crowd in the world is like a PWG crowd. We had the honor of being able to tour all over Japan with the promotion Dragon Gate. Dragon Gate is world known and has the greatest wrestlers in the world on their roster. Competing with a company like this is not a small feat and is something that Nick and I are extremely proud of. We completely sold out of t-shirts and photos on our second tour which was awesome! (I believe a whopping total of 3 men purchased a t-shirt.) We were also more then thrilled to perform in Los Angeles for the Dragon Gate USA debut show. This was a huge night for us as it was very special to show our unbelievable fans and loving family what we've been sneaking off and doing for months over seas. That may have been our finest match.
Nick and I were fortunate enough to work with the WWE throughout the year. I got to wrestle Chuck Palumbo on Smackdown in February, The Big Show in October on Smackdown and then got to dress up as Triple H alongside Nick who played Shawn Michaels on ECW in the "Dirtsheet" segment with Morrison and The Miz which was also in October. Hunter came up to me, looked at my giant fake nose and said to one of the boys, "everytime they make fun of me that f***n' thing gets bigger and bigger." HAHA! WWE is a great place to work and is number one on my "dream job" list.
I've gotten to wrestle in nearly 100 matches this year which is great by indy standards. I can honestly say that I have given it my all and tried to steal the show in 80 of those matches. (The other 20 matches, I wrestled the Ballard Brothers.) HAHA. Just kidding guys! But anyways, I feel like this has def been the best year of my professional wrestling career. People actually know who Nick and I are! Imagine that! Some Rockers, Hardy Boys, and Rock N' Roll Express rip offs are actually gaining some attention!? Who would of thunk? We are so very blessed for the opportunity.
I just wanted to thank everyone for the love and support: My soul mate and best friend in life.. my "WIFEY 4 LIFEY" Dana. My unbelievable parents have been so supportive for years. Thanks for believing in me when I was 16 years old and had a bowl cut. You guys are my rock. My brothers Nick and Mal who are so talented and fearless. Nick is only 19 years old and has traveled the world with me. Mal is a survivor and is the bravest kid I know.. and he's rich. (That's a shoot.) My big sis D.J who is so loving and has more energy then anyone I know. My brother in law Paul who is such a family man.. (Who would of known!) My beautiful nieces Makayla and Beckers! ("No numbers!") My in-laws Sue and Dave who I love and have bonded with more then I would ever have imagined, my brother in law Scott who is headed to the Navy, Janie and Derek along with their three beautiful daughters (Kristen, Madyson & Brynnlea), my best friends in this business "The Cutler Brothers" who will be the next big thing in indy wrestling, the "Ballard Brothers" who are both old enough to be my father but I love them like brothers. Sky whom I've always looked up to, Scott for being the life of the locker room and everyone else I didn't mention because its 3 AM and I am tired! Oh yeah, and Joey Ryan. (Thought I'd forget bro?) I gotta go, Dana and her sheep skin blanket is waiting for me. Happy New Year! (Bill Bogle voice)

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