Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PWG. "The Run."

I can't speak for Nick but I personally feel that our nearly two year run as PWG Tag Team Champions was the best thing we've ever been involved in as professional wrestlers. I will forever look back with pride when I think of everything we accomplished in the course of that run. After thinking about it from the beginning, it's funny to think that none of this was ever planned - but sometimes the best things are unplanned... Like the birth of Malachi Buck.

For one way or another, the story of the Young Bucks defending their PWG tag team titles against everyone in the world was intriguing. Each show's main interest became, "who are the Bucks wrestling and can so and so be the ones to finally do it!?" This made the matches compelling and exciting.

Me and Nick came into PWG during a tough time for the company. They had lost or were in the process of losing almost all of their homegrown talent, and the tag team belts had taken a big hit because of a string of injuries and bad luck. So it comes with great pride when I think about how popular the company has gotten and how valuable those tag team titles now are. (One of the originals was stolen out of my bag last year and never returned). We don't take full credit for anything but like to think that we definitely lent a helping hand in the last few years of this companies success. We would like to thank PWG for letting us be our selves. No other company (to this day) has ever completely given us the green-light to wrestle with our hair down and sleeves pulled back. I think freedom is the reason the title run was so successful. But most importantly, the fans/viewers can see and feel when the entertainers are having fun. It just shows and comes through from the screen or from your seat... And that's exactly how I'd describe our run as the champs. It was a freaken blast.

I'll be honest when I say that thinking about the Young Bucks without the PWG tag team titles seems a little odd. Remember how weird Hogan looked when Savage took the belt? Naked, huh? (Check out the ego on me, comparing us to Hogan)! But yeah, it was bitter-sweet losing those things, but I think ultimately it's time for someone else's story.

The thing fans from all around the world mention to us the most (even more than us being on TV) is our crazy matches we've had in that little building in Reseda. A run down building that you’d look at from the outside and never picture as being anything other than a place that old people gather to drink beer and talk war stories. I’ve wrestled at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and the Impact Zone in Orlando yet the only place to capture the moments I’ll remember the most when my career is over is that little dump in Reseda for a company called Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.


  1. You guys had one amazing run. Thank you for all the memories. But the fans are wondering, is this it for the Bucks in PWG?

  2. Laughed my head off on the part you said,but sometimes the best things are unplanned... Like the birth of Malachi Buck. Love you son!

  3. It has been a true honor to film ringside and work with you and your family. I will never forget talking wrestling with Sting at starbucks and telling him about these two brothers wrestling in newhall that were going to be the next Hardy Boyz. I like so many others am really proud of you both. And will take your success as a prime example that saying prayers taking vitamins and being a good person helps dreams come true. God Bless the Massie family.