Saturday, January 2, 2010


"What a year this was!" ... "This year was awesome, but next year will be sure to top it!" ... "This year was amazing!" Dana read the last four years worth of "Year In Review" blogs that I've written aloud last night convincing me to do another one this year. Each blog, littered with similar sentences about just how incredible the year had been, all sounded the same. We noticed as she went on reading one blog after the other, that there was an obvious pattern. Every year was great, but it just kept getting better. The quality of my personal life and career was slowly molding its self into formation as every year passed. In these past blogs, my relationship with Dana grew from girlfriend, to ex-girlfriend , to girlfriend, to fiancé, to wife. The closeness I have with my family and friends have gone from strong to stronger. And my career as a professional wrestler has gone from a dream to a reality.

As I mentioned before, I had to be convinced to do this blog again this year. So much has happened. I sit here now thinking about what I am going to write, but realize that I have NO idea where to even begin. Maybe the beginning?

Here are some highlights:

Dana and I rang in 2009 at her parents' house, kissing each other as the neighbors and my father-in-law competed with each other over who could blow their loud horns the longest. Even with my tinnitus (constant ringing I have in my left ear) being irritated, it couldn't wreck the moment. I held my precious wife of 2 months in my arms and looked down at her chest, I mean eyes, and promised her that 2009 would be an unforgettable year. Boy, I REALLY wasn't kidding.

Right off the bat, Dana was trying to convince me to get her pregnant. How did I counter? We brought home a little black cat originally named Harley, but later renamed Zeek. Before Zeek, I'll have to admit that I wasn't much of a cat person. In fact, I hated them. All it took was 5 minutes of holding him and listening to his engine like purring and I was converted. Dana sometimes gets mad when I rough house with him. I can't help it, he's my wrestling buddy! He takes a great ddt.

After some mold issues with our apartment, we decided to move in March. Dana found a great deal (by California standards) on a bigger, nicer apartment that also happens to be in a much better area. We absolutely love it here and plan on getting comfortable. Besides, it's either here, or underneath a freeway pass.

Unfortunately, as documented in my past blogs, we also lost a very significant person this year to cancer. Grandma Dana passed in May. In the short time that I knew her, she showed me love and acceptance. She was greatly missed during the holidays especially.

Dana fell in love with a Calico cat (one of the many weekends I was on the road) as she browsed through the local animal shelter. Shortly after her visit, I received a picture on my phone of this adorable creature. I had NO intention in owning another pet. A few short days later, the two of us brought home, Cali - the cutest but LOUDEST cat we've ever heard.

For our 1 year anniversary, Dana and I went on a 5 night cruise that stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was an absolutely incredible trip and is on my top three trips of all time. It was so nice being able to shut off our phones and just enjoy each other's company. I don't think we ever ate so much in our lives!

My older sister Donajoi, who we used to irritate when we were kids by calling, "Donaboy" found out that she is pregnant with her third daughter. (LOL. The gender is 100% speculation on my part). We are all thrilled to welcome the third kid into the Massie/Meijer clan! My niece Makayla (just turned 4 on Christmas Eve), the prodigy of the family continues to shock everyone with just how smart she is. My other niece Rebecca (turning 3 this April) is a complete doll who stole the show at Dustin Cutlers A.K.A Santa Claus' Christmas Party. My brother in law Paul, a guy I never pictured as the family-man type has really become just that.

Nick, the best 20 year old wrestler ever who also possesses the best hot tag comeback in history , thanks for tag teaming with me. Not just in the ring, but on the road. I've said this before and I'll say it again. If I had to do this alone, I'd quit. It's been fun traveling the world and getting to work with a family member. We'll have a bond that nobody will ever understand except us, years after this foolishness is over. I'll never forget some of the times we've had this year.

It has been a really good year for my brother Malachi. 2009, the year he grew up. Mal got his license, bought a house which he and my family remodeled, got a girlfriend (who he's moving a little too fast with), and has taken part in some of the most exciting opening matches at PWG in the company's history. I could see him coming down to Orlando eventually to team up with his big bros.

Mom and Dad have had a challenging year to say the least. Dad had a scare earlier this year with his heart that has changed his coffee and caffeine consuming ways. Both my parents have had to go through the frightening stages of "empty-nest" syndrome which can be seriously devastating. The construction business is still trying to pull its self back together, so my parents have had to buckle down and be as thrifty as possible all year long. They're two of the only people I know who can survive off of tooth paste and a loaf of bread, yet be praising the Lord the whole way through. Your selflessness and courage has not been ignored. Things will only get better. I can only hope that Dana and I are in as much love still as the two of you are, 29 years in to our very own marriage. Mom, Dad, thank you for having sex and creating me. Also, thanks dad for building me a ring on my 16th birthday. You laid the pavement down for this long adventurous road I've been on ever since. Mom, simply put, you're the best human being I've ever met.

Dave and Sue, my in-laws, have also had a tough year because of the economy. Fortunately, things look to be turning around for their business. They've both been so kind to Dana and I this year. When we get a lot of money, they're definitely two of the people we need to take out for a nice steak dinner. My brother in law Scott became a sailor this year after 2 months of boot camp and 3 months of school. Luckily he got stationed in San Diego so we'll be fortunate enough to see him every week. We're both so very proud of him.

My best friend Dustin found the love of his life, M.B., and proposed to her a few months back. A few years ago he was going to make the biggest mistake of his life by marring this other girl who ended up being a home wrecker. (Yep. I included this in my blog). It's always nice to text message with Dust for hours at a time. He doesn't realize how simple conversations like those keeps me sane in the craziest of times. Brandon, his real life brother and another one of my close friends, has had a trying time this year in the female department. You'll find HER bro, don't worry. Collectively, Brandon and Dustin Cutler are making a huge wave for themselves in PWG and I predict that this will be the year that they EXPLODE on the indies.

Dana. You are my personal chef, hairdresser, accountant, therapist, maid, masseuse, travel agent, etc, etc. and rock of my life. I'd be lost without you. How you put up with my absence EVERY weekend this year is beyond me. SO many times I felt like I couldn't go on this year, but you helped keep me together. My success in this life is because of you. I wouldn't be me, without you. Thank you for letting me chase my dream. We made it. I love you.

Nick and I have had quite a year as professional wrestlers. Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has given the Young Bucks the platform to perform on and is responsible for a lot of our success. Sure, we put in the work, but PWG had faith in us, letting us do what we do best which definitely has gotten us to where we are today. For that we will always be grateful. You haven't seen the last of us. That tiny building in Reseda doesn't belong to Larry, it belongs to the Young Bucks.

We had the privilege to go all over the world with Dragon Gate this year: Japan, Spain, Germany and England. The Young Bucks style was created with the help and influence of guys like Pac, Doi, Yoshino, Shingo, Cima and BxB Hulk amongst others. Nick and I both find it funny that we are so close to guys who don't even share the same language as us. I truly feel that the Dragon Gate dudes are some of my closest friends in this business.

In the middle of the year, we got a call from long time friend Adam Pearce to come work for Ring of Honor. Wrestling for ROH was always something we both wanted. I remember watching ROH tapes during my backyard wrestling days, being in complete awe. So, obviously, wrestling at the ECW arena for the first time under the bright lights, surrounded by ROH banners and signs was surreal. We met a lot of great people in ROH, including Cary Silikin who has taken care of Nick and I above and beyond. Because of Cary, we got to see America through the eyes of a tourist as opposed to a wrestler which normally consists of: airport, building and hotel. Nick and I will never forget the four hour shoot interview/road trip Cary and my childhood hero Bret Hart had earlier this year. Unforgettable.

Dragon Gate USA gave us permission to wrestle with our hair down - so to speak. On the debut show, Nick and I had our best match to date. Many people say that this was the match that put us on the map. I can't argue that. You have to give credit to Gabe and OJI for bringing something different to the table in a business that banks on always doing the same.

Oh yeah. And something else significant happened. We had an impressive dark match in Orlando against our good buddies who actually got us the gig. Then, on Christmas day, Nick and I officially signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Now, if you know us, you've heard that its always been a dream of ours to work for TNA. It's time to live the dream.

So... I'd hate to quote myself, but I think it's so very fitting....."What a year this was!" ... "This year was awesome, but next year will be sure to top it!" ... "This year was amazing!"

I wonder what's in store for 2010?



  1. So proud of you Son. You are a hard worker with a lot of Faith. Love you!

  2. So proud son ! Great blog! I'm glad u wrote it! Wow can't wait for the book! What a ride! But the best is yet to come love ya God bless Dad Matt lee Massie

  3. I decided to read back on some of your journals. You were right on your speculation of Donajoi having a girl!I love reading your journals. I see your book!