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For the last couple of years I posted a "Year in Review" type of blog which listed and discussed everything I had accomplished in those particular years for the sake of remembrance. The year 2007 was extremely great and SO MUCH has happened. I am going to list and describe some of the amazing things that have happened in my life in 2007 and in no way intend on this being a blog for me to boast and bask in my own glory. (Which, I do quite often actually! =) I am simply celebratory of my accomplishments and only want to share why I am such a blessed person! I'll try to keep this short and sweet as I continue the type, sip coffee, type rhythm that all of my mornings have become..

-Ran six successful High Risk Wrestling shows which were above and beyond the quality of our previous years shows. In August at Highway 2 Hell, I got to team up with one of my childhood heros, Marty Jannetty (who is an extremely modest, complimentary and hard working individual whom I look forward to working with again in the future.)

-Purchased my new 2007 Ford Ranger which has received over 10,000 miles in just 4-5 short months via a long distance relationship and a part time job that has a heck of a commute. ;)

-Proposed to my LONG time girlfriend Dana who I am now proud to call my fiance. I couldn't see the story of us ending any other way. Dana is my soul mate and the reason I wake up in the morning. (Come home from Montana already!) We will tie the knot on November 1st 2008! I love you doll face!

-Debuted in THE company to work for in the west coast, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. PWG is the most talented group of people I have ever been in contact with and is truly larger then life. PWG has given us a larger stage to perform on and has already helped us get to that next step in the right direction. My brother and I look forward to working here and contributing in 2008! Thanks for the opportunity Joseph!

-I got to celebrate the birth of two NEW nieces! My sister received a gift that we all call "Baby Beck" or Rebecca. Dana's sister just recently delivered a wonderful little girl named Brynn! Congrats!

-"The Young Bucks" have had a remarkable year to say the least. It is not official just yet but we are projected to win the Tag Team of The Year Award which is a HUGE deal to us. We have had some incredible matches in 2007 with guys like the Cutler Brothers, The Ballard Brothers, Los Luchas, Karl Anderson, Joey Ryan, Scott Lost, T.J Perkins, CK Jackson, Scorpio Sky, Steven Andrews, Lil Cholo and Sonny Samson just to name a few! We had the privilege to travel and work in such places as: Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Vancouver and virtually every major city in Northern and Southern California. Hopefully 2008 means more plane rides and hotel rooms! =)

-I have had the opportunity to develop some awesome friendships with pretty much everybody listed above and others I forgot to list to whom I apologize! I don't have a bad thing to say about anyone I have come across. Southern California wrestling breeds truly amazing people!

-Special thanks to my wonderful family who have inspired me to continue to reach to a goal that most call "unreachable." Dad- For being a great boss, and leader. Your wisdom is unmatched by anyone on the planet. Mom- For being the backbone of the Massie home and never lacking positivity no matter the situation. Meijer Family- I've never been more proud to have an extended family. I envy your warmth and happiness. CK- For being a great little brother. I'm glad to see you getting back into the world of professional wrestling as your extremely talented! Nick- For being my tag team partner, spot in the gym, and traveling buddy. There is nothing better than getting to work with family. Kruse Family- For taking me into the family and being so generous. Thank you for the HUNDREDS of meals you've supplied! And thanks for letting me marry your daughter! Dana- For being so supportive and caring toward me NO MATTER the situation. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Also, thanks to all of the boys and promoters who have helped me live the dream in 2007! I hope 2008 is an even BIGGER and better year!

God bless.

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